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A long-running personal blog shared by two authors with completely different approaches to life. And a lot of large, beautiful photographs of dogs and nature and places we've traveled to. Rich in commentary and irreverant in style. 


We started blogging a long time ago. Our work hours never aligned with recommended psychotherapists and we needed to get our thoughts out. We are great friends, total opposites and long-time housemates. This was a way to communicate. With each other. With strangers. With consumer marketers. With sub-par meteorologists. With distant friends who wanted to see pictures of stuff we were up to.

This is the place. Our bucket of thoughts to share. You are welcome. 
(We realize that most of you are here for the dog pictures.)

Macaww! Macawww!!


5:50 PM EST| NaBloPoMo Perspective Post for Feb. 3 | Point-of-view

They seem to be making an entire meal out of melted cheese and those crunchy triangle crackers I love so much. This is torture.

Someone is on the sidewalk outside.

Okay, they are gone now.

[loud noise from outside]

It’s not a sound that any animal made so I don’t really care - but the ladies are going crazy. They seem to have a protocol in place for loud unexpected outdoor sounds. Each one of them just shoved a cheesy triangle into their mouth, lunged for a light switch and returned to the front window in complete darkness to whisper in high voices. Why is everyone speaking in these squeaky voices?

No one is guarding the bowl of cheese right now. All eyes are on these two trucks outside. I can reach the cheese. If I just stretch. Lots of whispering. The light grey haired lady is trying to taunt the dark grey haired lady into going outside. The child in the robe is here. Why is it that he can reach the cheese and he is not giving it to me. I am ALWAYS nice to him. I’m going to trip someone in this darkness and then stand on their back to get some leverage.

They turned the lights back on. The dark grey haired lady gave me a chip. I love her the most {right now.} They seem to be plotting something that has a connection to the loud sound from outside. They have agreed on something. The weird lady just announced that her part in the play will be to yell “Macaww!! Macaww!!” if the strangely dressed man from the truck comes back out of his house. Everyone just said something and then looked at me. Two of them pointed at me and the child laughed.

{I just found triangle debris on the floor that one of these gluttons dropped in their effort to jam a crunchy triangle into their face.}

All the lights are off again. The nice lady has just put her shoes on. This only ever happens if I am going out. The lady who makes bad bird sounds and laughs too much at everything came running with a cell phone and pushed us all outside. I have 27 more minutes before they are supposed to take me out again. Whay is this sudden shift in the schedule??

Why is it always so wet and cold here? I don’t want to go on a walk. Clearly I want dinner. Is everyone here crazy? I look back at the mostly dark house and see the child and the weird lady crouching in the window as if we cannot see them. They are laughing manically and running from window to window {probably dropping triangles everywhere while I am OUT HERE!}

We cross the street towards the sound of the loud bang. The nice lady is looking at the trucks in the dark. She never looks at her car this way.  She is typing on her phone. There is actually nothing weird about that because she does that ALL DAMN DAY EVERY DAY. It’s just not normally done between two crunched cars that aren’t known to us.

The stupid lady and the child have opened the door and are yelling out “MACAWW! MACAWW!!!” while falling all over each other laughing. They blink the house light and then return to semi-darkness. Do they really think people can’t see them? This is so pathetic. There better be triangles left when I get back there.

The nice lady is pretending not to know them and we are now walking AWAY from the trucks at a high speed where she waffles between cussing and laughing at her stupid friends.

After walking a half block towards nowhere we circle back to the house. Everyone is laughing. The boy gave me a full triangle. I like him again. Love comes when there is cheese on the triangle. I believe in you kid. The nice lady read something she had written on her phone to the group.

A loud noise just came from my bottom. Everyone stopped smiling and looked at me for a second. Someone said “No jalapenos cheese for the dog.” The boy said “Whaat? I didn’t.” Everyone returned to normal conversation.

Meanwhile, the strangely dressed man appears out of nowhere from the darkness. Gets into the truck that caused the sound. And quietly drives away.

After about 5 minutes the nice lady turns while eating a triangle to see the now missing truck and yells “OMG!!”

The stupid lady and the boy that looks like her immediately begin to jump up and down screaming while spouting bad exotic bird sounds, pointing and laughing hysterically.

The nice lady shakes her head and goes into the other room.

Am I safe living with these people?

Ohh, I found another triangle piece!