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Crofton, MD, 21114

A long-running personal blog shared by two authors with completely different approaches to life. And a lot of large, beautiful photographs of dogs and nature and places we've traveled to. Rich in commentary and irreverant in style. 


We started blogging a long time ago. Our work hours never aligned with recommended psychotherapists and we needed to get our thoughts out. We are great friends, total opposites and long-time housemates. This was a way to communicate. With each other. With strangers. With consumer marketers. With sub-par meteorologists. With distant friends who wanted to see pictures of stuff we were up to.

This is the place. Our bucket of thoughts to share. You are welcome. 
(We realize that most of you are here for the dog pictures.)

Things I learned 
from my Mom:


  • It's good to be bored sometimes.
  • 'An Experience' is worth more than 
financial stability, any day.
  • Women with neat houses are boring.
  • Learn to cook and you will never be taken out to dinner.
  • Boat safety is not important enough to learn.
  • Going out without earrings on is going out naked.
  • The look of a wine glass is directly proportional to how much you will enjoy the contents.
  • Never miss an opportunity to go sailing. For anything.
  • Green cars crash, they do not expire of natural causes.
  • Apply yourself. (Do as I say, not as I do).
  • Chew with your mouth closed (Do as I say, not as I do).
  • Talk. People like it. (and if they don't you'll be too distracted to notice).
  • Say "let's see what's going on in the world" before changing the channel on someone mid-program. It will be burned into their brain for life.

  • Coffee ice cream theft can teach life lessons.
  • You have to "Look the Part".
  • Recommend every book you ever read.
  • Maintain long-distance relationships. (It will pay in spades).
  • Tell Ann and Beth everything.
  • Forgive people who are brashly rude and be the bigger person.
  • Be your own idea of beautiful. The only opinion that matters in the end, is your own.
  • Don't say love. Show love.
  • See the world before you die (or literally die trying).
  • Tattoos are never a good idea in the end.
  • Act as important as you want people to think you are.
  • Participate in local charities. These are our neighbors. Regardless of income.
  • Give strange charity women $500 sweaters you should have passed down to your youngest child.
  • Go to the Kennedy Center. Culture is important.
  • Avoid political conversations with family.
  • Question your own haircut 8 times a day (aloud, to other people) while fingering it with one hand.
  • Never listen to advice on your own haircut.
  • The term "mellow dramatic".
  • Be at the airport 2 hours early or you are insulting the ticket crew and/or alerting the DEA.
  • Too small of a purse can make you look fat.
  • Panic and assume the worst when people hesitate to share their current medical details with you.
  • Don't rat your friends out.
  • Smile at EVERYTHING.
  • You can be understood in any language if you speak slow enough.
  • You do not have to be a lesbian to use the term "My Girlfriend"
  • Your hair should "frame" your face.
  • Make new people feel welcome. It's worth it and it means a lot to them.
  • Talk to EVERYONE.
  • Don't assume that you can't be in Paris in 48 hrs, if you want to be. Where there is a will, there is a way.
  • It is one thing to fly a group of women deep into the wilds of Africa - but it is DANGEROUS to go too close to the guard rail at Victoria Falls.
  • Sing out loud. If only because it annoys everyone with you, but makes you terribly happy.
  • Your hair is beautiful. (But needs to be cut).
  • Cell phones are distributed from hell as penance.
  • Laugh it off. If you are smiling, it changes an error to a blunder.
  • Don't travel to Muslim countries. It's hard for a white chick to get a damn glass of wine.
  • Wealth is directly proportional to how many people say hi to you on your morning dog walk to the coffee shop.
  • Never fear, there is always a "girlfriend at the office" who is an expert on everything from curing cancer to solving thermodynamic issues.
  • You can be anything.
  • Loudly announcing that you have “no will power” to the group should excuse whatever you are about to do. But everyone else should feel guilty for putting you in this position.

Happy Mother’s Day 2011
Made with love.