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Crofton, MD, 21114

A long-running personal blog shared by two authors with completely different approaches to life. And a lot of large, beautiful photographs of dogs and nature and places we've traveled to. Rich in commentary and irreverant in style. 


We started blogging a long time ago. Our work hours never aligned with recommended psychotherapists and we needed to get our thoughts out. We are great friends, total opposites and long-time housemates. This was a way to communicate. With each other. With strangers. With consumer marketers. With sub-par meteorologists. With distant friends who wanted to see pictures of stuff we were up to.

This is the place. Our bucket of thoughts to share. You are welcome. 
(We realize that most of you are here for the dog pictures.)


I was at the dog park this weekend and met this nice black couple with a little boy and a completely white bulldog. The bulldog’s name was Kato.

I almost peed my pants. Can you imagine being there for that naming decision with them? They must have been laughing their asses off.

So Yenny and I went golfing today. Well not golfing – we went to the driving range. Yenny and I suck at golf. My left hand is killing me. This guy walked by and was like “Jesus, you’re hitting the shit out of that ball” (he didn’t mean that in a good way). “You just need to *tap the ball.  Just kiss it with the club. Are you using a wood?”


I looked at Yenny who was in the stall next to me. The two of us came up with the same answer in our heads and immediately knew not to say it aloud. “No...duh it’s metal, look at it moron.” But something about the guys face told me that ‘a wood’ was a type of club. So we just stared at him and were like “go away, I just want to hit it really hard.”

So Yenny and I now have typing handicaps. I’ll post the golfing video later.